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Be part of the Biggest cake Show in the Philippines!

Cake Fiesta Manila prides itself to be the FIRST and the BIGGEST International Cake Show in the Philippines! Our Show boasts of the TOP Cake Artists from around the globe who will share their skills and expertise to our aspiring cakers and bakers. Together with them are TOP local and international sugarcraft companies and suppliers who will bring unique products to the Show. Cake Fiesta Manila is indeed the most prestigious and the most sought after Cake Event in Asia! Join us and grow with us. Inquire what available spaces are still left!

All bookings are also inclusive of:


Logo visibility at the website and Show Guide included.

* City permits and other fees are exclusive

Sample computation:

3m x 2m = 6m

6m x P9400 = P56,400 + P6768 (12% VAT) = P63,168

Ask quotation for all other furnitures you require or electrical appliances that will be used are with certain charges

Vendor Booths 2020:

The Bailiwick Academy is an online learning and teaching platform which offers supplemental classes for people who wants add or improve their skills.

Distributed by Tidyneat Corp.

Innobake, an apparent acronym of the words “Innovative” and “Baking,” is a budding food service provider of prime bakery ingredients from around the world. Although Innobake was only formally introduced to the market in August of 2018, its inception was long in the making as an answer to a clamor from the hotel, restaurant, café and small bakery business owners and hobbyists for quality and top-notch bakery products to be available at commercial volumes.
HAMBURG Trading Corporation is a premiere trading company in the Philippines. We are highly committed to keeping our promise to give only the best products and services to our clients in different industries such as food and beverage, steel, glass, cement, laboratories, and construction, making us a trusted name in the trading business.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is a London based company and world renowned for being pioneers of Contemporary Buttercream Art and Authors of 4 bestselling books. Innovators of various cake deorating products as well.


Book signing for various cake decorating Authors: Jacqueline Buteler, Stevi Auble, Penk Ching, Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong.

BLIZZARDREF SALES CORP is mainly focused on the importation and distribution of premium commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment.
Kitchenaid Philippines

Global Pacific Distribution Network is a premier food service distribution and importation company. We offer only the best and highest quality products sourced from around the world. We partner with hotels, restaurants and companies big and small in many parts of the Philippines.

Bake et al is an a retail Supplier of cake decorating products in the Philippines.

RM Box Center is a printing company dedicated to the service of the BAKERY & CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY.

We utilize our resources to the fullest to provide the best QUALITY PAPER PACKAGING at very REASONABLE PRICES.

Premium Confectioners’ Powdered Sugar, Confectioners’ Powdered Sugar,Premium Cocoa Powder,St. Royce Cocoa, Chocomoco, Food Color Gel,Glucose,Glycerine,Rice Flour,Glutinous Rice Flour,High Fructose Corn Syrup,Gummix,Muscovado, Refined Sugar,Pancake Syrup,Honey Brown,Cornstarch,Sufree, and many more
Direct Supplier Of BAKING SUPPLY INGREDIENTS , PACKAGING , PARTYNEEDS & HOME DECORS. Wholesale and Retail. We do online shop and ship nationwide with lowest price.
D05, D08
Goldilocks Bakeshop is a bakeshop chain based in the Philippines, which produces and distributes Philippine cakes and pastries since 1966.

SJG BAKING SUPPLIES was founded on 2015. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of baking products for both wholesale and retail businesses. We carry a wide assortment of products, ranging from cake decorating tools, baking utensils, fondant decorating tools, packaging, etc. We serve bakeries, resellers, home bakers, culinary schools, and other end users.

We aim to exceed customer expectations by providing excellent customer satisfaction, superior value, and increased flexibility. The company opened its first wholesale/retail store in Davao on May 2015 as well as online store in Manila on March 2015.
buji ph
D10 is the exclusive Philippine distributor of USA PAN®.


verusca walker cakes

Mixing creativity and food to make edible art

Cakes & Supplies by Ximena is an innovative cookie cutters supplier from the USA.

Puratos is an international, reliable baking ingredients supplier.

Puratos Philippines continues to be the Filipino baker’s reliable partner in innovation. Over the years, Puratos has helped bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers across the country to be successful with their business. Through seminars and demonstrations being conducted regularly in Metro Manila and in major provinces, the Filipino bakers are kept informed of the latest solutions and trends in the baking industry.


DLA Naturals Inc, Manufacturer of Premium pastry and bakery ingredients.

– Fillings (Fruit Fillings, Economical Fruit Fillings, Chocolate Fillings)
– Jams (Pastojam, Bakejam, Piping Jam)
– Glazes (Glageli, Coldgeli, Glittergeli)
– Fondant Dough
– Mousse
– Toppings
– Curds


Flower Tree Ph

Giant Paper Flower Giant Foam Flowers

Flower Tree Ph Facebook

Flower Tree Ph


With two decades of supplying the food manufacturing and food service industries, DANE INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES, INC., is a trading company specializing in the supply of U.S.-origin Nuts, California Raisins, other dried fruits, and food ingredients.

Our competitive pricing, excellent product quality, exceptional service, on-time delivery and understanding of our customers’ needs are fundamental to our success as a preferred supplier to the food manufacturing and food service industries.



Sonlie International Inc. has been at the forefront of the baking industry. From introducing instant yeast into the Philippine market to teaching new techniques and procedures of a modern, world-class bakery to its customers, Sonlie constantly strives for improvement and advancement. After more than three decades in the business, Sonlie International remains committed to providing premium baking products and modern technology in the Philippine Baking Industry.

AVIC International Trading is the Distrinutor of top brands like Satin Ice, Chef Master, Ateco and Somerset to name a few.

Established since 1996, Sweetlink is the pioneer distributor for the best technology and tools in the culinary and baking industry. Offering a wide range of equipment and supplies, Sweetlink carries the best brands in the industry, always assuring top quality and service.


  1. Baking Tools: Siliconized Baking Paper, Piping Bag, Acetate Sheets
  2. Chocolate Mold and Tools
  3. Airbrush and Turntable
  4. Food Coloring and Chocolate Colorants
  5. Chocolate Melter, Temperer, Chocolate Production Lines
  6. Food Spray Gun
  7. Photocake Printing Equipment, Edible Paper and Ink
  8. Specialized Cooking Equipment: Sous Vide, Hotmix
  9. Vacuum Sealers and Plastics
  10. Blender
  11. Vegetable Cutter
  12. HCCAP Kitchen Supplies: Vinyl Gloves, Plastic Gloves, Kitchen Cloth
  13. Cookbook


Primepacific Foods is an importer and distributor of quality food products from around the world. It is the exclusive partner of Farm Frites Netherlands, Creapan BV, and Steriltom SRL for the Philippine market.
EZ Bake Ph

When it comes to baking, whether it’s for today’s simple dessert or tomorrow’s special cake, you need the right sets of tools and ingredients to make your imagination come to life with ease.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner home baker, EZBake is the perfect supplier for you. From in-demand ingredients to recipes that are simple and easy to follow, our collection of products and featured chefs are just what you need to unlock the joys and ease of baking. Our brands are curated to bring you nothing less than the finest quality ingredients that will excite and inspire the home baker in you.


PT Zeelandia Philippines, is a joint venture subsidiary of Koninklijke Zeelandia Group b.v. a multinational Dutch group of companies engaged in the manufacture and distribution of bakery ingredients..

Zeelandia Philippines is a subsidiary of Zeelandia Holland and Zeelandia Indonesia. We are a manufacturing company that sells high quality bakery ingredient products for over a century now. Our mother company is in Holland.The Zeelandia group serves the professional bread and confectionery trade worldwide with high-quality baking ingredients. Our portfolio covers thousands of products and services, both standard and tailor made, and is continually renewed and finetuned to reflect the latest consumers trends and technological possibilities. With thorough knowledge of local markets and a global R&D network we can support customers around the world in exploring new ground and creating new products that prove a success both with bakers and consumers. In the Philippines our exclusive distributor is UNICOMM ingredients.

sugar king

Sugar King Food Industries Inc. is the main manufacturer and distributor of Sugar King Confectioners’ Powdered Sugar that will soon expand to more baking-related products.


flower pro

It has been developed by Katy Sue Designs and Chef Nicholas Lodge. Combining 40 years of experience from Chef Nicholas, who teaches professional sugar flowers internationally with the multi award winning product development team of Katy Sue Designs has resulted in this unique collection of moulds and veiners.

Flower Pro


Baking Supplies Store

Elist Marketing (Shop&Bake) NVC Building, Purok 2, Mabical Floridablanca Pampanga

Call +63 915 833 8854

Cake Decorating Solutions is one of the biggest Cake Decorating Supply shop with 8 branches across Australia. They carry top brands from all over the world.

Edible Art Decorative Paint by Sweet Sticks is a revolutionary product which is easy to use, quick drying and 100% edible. It can be used straight from the bottle to create masterpieces on fondant, modelling chocolate, butter cream, royal icing and more. Saving you both time and money, it will completely change the way you create.


Bakersfield is a sub-product of Actron Industries, Inc. It is a food solutions company with 37 years experience in flavors and food ingredients.  The company’s core business is centered on a comprehensive understanding of the technology behind, Flavors, Industrial and Gourmet Chocolate, Butter Fractionation, Soya Proteins, Functional Ingredients and Health based Neutraceuticals


Welcome to Baker’s World! We are a baking supply store carrying a wide array of ingredients, tool and food packaging products. We are located at 2467 Legarda St., Sampaloc Manila. We do also ship via air courier and bus liners. Feel free to browse our facebook page for products and events update.

Food Kiosks:


Mrs. Q’s was started in 1987 at Batangas City by Amor Quiniones. It’s a place for home-made cakes and pastries which Mrs. Q bakes herself.

She will be serving coffee from Benguet.

All Vegan and Keto Cakes and Pastries by Lou De Jesus.

The Philippines’ #1 and most preferred bakeshop.

Avocadoria Ph

Guilt-free Indulgence!

The healthiest, most innovative, and delectable avocado treats.


Avocadoria.PH is a concept developed by Chef Czarina Jagto-Sevilla out of her childhood favorite — the Avocado fruit. The name was even coined after a mix of her name (Rina) with that of the fruits.

Growing up, Chef Cza enjoyed creating avocado desserts made with milk and ice, owing to the surrounding trees near their house in Pangasinan. This gave birth to her passion for desserts and avocados.

Bake Bazaar:

Other Partnership Opportunities

Be it a small or big company, at Cake Fiesta Manila, we’d like to help you reach the right clients. Partner with us and let’s grow together!

Workshop Partner

Cakes, fondant, royal icing, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and so much more..we would love to have a Workshop Partner to provide evrything for all our classes and demonstrations and have your brand exposure on every classroom.

VIP Lounge Partner

Cake Lounge is exclusive for VIP ticket  holders, Judges, Cake Artist delegates and Organizers.  Serve your best sweets and savoury treats (3kinds each) for a nice High Tea experience for 100-150pax/day. Put branding on mineral water bottles and decorate the lounge as you please.

Display Competition Partner

Display Competition is another amazing feature of the Show and will surely attract a HUGE crowd. There will be different categories as competitors show off their talents and skills to get that trophy! Provide all prizes and own the Live Competition Stage!

ID Lanyard Partner

One thing constant that every visitor will be strutting with while roaming around the Show are their ID badges and this is an amazing opportunity to place your logo branding on. Imagine the visitors doing the promotion for you. What more can you ask for?

Competition Category Sponsor

Cake Fiesta Manila is not just the biggest Cake Show in Philippines but we also pride ourselves to hold the biggest Cake Competition in Asia. We have a number of Categories that any cake enthusiast can join.

Competition Category Sponsor

Sposor a Category joined by our talented cakers and bakers and target the right clients for you by having your branding at respected competition tables and brand placement on their Certificate.

What We Need

Each Category Sponsorship is P60,000. Your representative will co-present the award on stage and your company logo will be on the backdrop, Certificates and main winners will be promoted on social media, post event.

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