Sweetscape Challenge

General Guidelines

THEME: Christmas Village with Gingerbread House 

Last day to submit application is on August 31, 2023


Competition Registration Fee:  P5000


Champion- P15,000 cash, gold medal for each member, grand winner plaque, Certificate, sponsored products
1st runner up- silver medal for each member, Certificate, sponsored products
2nd runner up- bronze medal for each member, Certificate, sponsored products

The GRAND Champion for Sweetscape 2023 will also be awarded a Showcase Space for Cake Fiesta Manila 2024 where they can create an installation feature and the College will be highlighted as one of the expo’s attractions.


Open to all college students currently enrolled in school.

Form a Group of 3 members up to represent your school and create an amazing foodscape installation using only sweet treats! This can be anything from confectionaries, desserts, pastries, breads, candies, chocolates, baked goods and more!

Each Team can choose should create a Christmas Village with Gingerbread House 

This competition is non-tasted and is strictly for display only.

Judging Criterias

  • GENERAL APPEARANCE (20%) – Includes overall impression, display symmetry, presentation and neatness 20% 20%
  • CREATIVITY & ORIGINALITY (20%) – Includes artistry and visual interest, incorporation of own and unique ideas, techniques 20% 20%
  • VARIATION OF MATERIALS & TECHNIQUES USED (20%) – number of variety of materials and use of techniques incorporated into the display 20% 20%
  • ADHERANCE & CLEVER ADAPTATION OF THE THEME (20%) – design composition must clearly demonstrate relationship to the chosen theme  20% 20%
  • TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY (20%) – varying complexity and level of skill applied to produce the entry 20% 20%

Are you up for thr challenge???

sweetscape challence


  • This competition is non-tasted and is strictly for display only.
  • This is strictly by application only as there are only 3 competing teams that will be accepted.
  • Only COLLEGE/CULINARY school students who are currently enrolled in school may apply for this competition.
  • Applicants must send a clear plan of proposed design/idea through a drawing or presentation and must include the list of proposed materials to be used. This must be sent to 
  • Top 3 best ideas will get a confirmation letter of acceptance.
  • Appropriate fees must be paid at once upon acceptance of application.
  • All teams should submit final plan and list of materials by August 31, 2023 to avoid disqualification due to unacceptable material/s.
  • Sweetscape installation must compose of strictly sweet/baked treats.
  • This can be anything from confectionaries, desserts, pastries, breads, candies, chocolates, and other baked goods.
  • Any baked products can be baked ahead of time and be brought to the venue. Baked products must be made with primarily flour ingredient.
  • Keep in mind that there are no refrigeration facilities available at the venue and display installation must be in perfect condition until judging on November 17.

Only 3 members per team are allowed to work on the entry.

  • Size of the the base board must be exactly 2ft by 3ft. All elements must fit within the board size.
  • No height restriction.
  • Coaching is strictly not allowed.
  • You should bring your own tools/equipments. Cake Fiesta Manila will not be liable for any damage or loss.
  • One electrical socket will be provided per team.
  • You may bring any other materials for support/internal structure you may need.
  • All competitors will start working from 11am to 5pm on November 16.
  • You must allot breaks within time limit but there should be at least one team member manning your entry should others need to go on a break.
  • Each team is responsible for the cleanliness of their space at all times.
  • Judging time on November 17 is uncertain so there must be someone manning your entry at all times.
  • After judging has concluded, any student or representative from the same school can man your space.
  • Each school is permitted to use the alloted space for promotion/networking only after judging has concluded.
  • Announcement of winners will be on November 19.

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