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Cake Fiesta Manila prides itself to be the FIRST and the BIGGEST International Cake Show in Asia! Our Show boasts of the TOP Cake Artists from around the globe to share their skills and expertise to our aspiring cakers and bakers. Together with them are TOP local and international sugarcraft companies and suppliers who will bring unique products to the Show. Cake Fiesta Manila is indeed the most prestigious and the most sought after Cake Event in Asia! Be strategically and prominently featured in front of a crowd of an expected 10,000-20,000 visitors to this much anticipated event. Take advantage of the outstanding Sponsorship opportunities and maximize your  brand’s awareness.

Partnership Opportunities

Be it a small or big company, at Cake Fiesta Manila, we’d like to help you reach the right clients. Partner with us and let’s grow together!

Workshop Partner

Cakes, fondant, royal icing, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and so much more..we would love to have a Workshop Partner to provide evrything for all our classes and demonstrations and have your brand exposure on every classroom.

VIP Lounge Partner

Cake Lounge is exclusive for VIP ticket  holders, Judges, Cake Artist and Organizers. We’d like to pamper them with a High Tea experience. Serve your best sweet and savory treats (3 each) with a tea/coffee for 100-150pax/day and decorate the lounge as you please.

Display Competition Partner

Display Competition is another amazing feature of the Show and will surely attract a HUGE crowd. There will be different categories as competitors show off their talents and skills to get that trophy! Provide all prizes and own the Live Competition Stage!

ID Lanyard Partner

One thing constant that every visitor will be strutting with while roaming around the Show are their ID badges and this is an amazing opportunity to place your logo branding on. Imagine the visitors doing the promotion for you. What more can you ask for?

Competition Category Sponsor

Cake Fiesta Manila is not just the biggest Cake Show in Philippines but we also pride ourselves to hold the biggest Cake Competition in Asia. We have a number of Categories that any cake enthusiast can join.

Competition Category Sponsor

Sposor a Category joined by our talented cakers and bakers and target the right clients for you by having your branding at respected competition tables and brand placement on their Certificate.

What We Need

Each Category Sponsorship is P70,000. Your representative will co-present the award on stage and your company logo will be on the backdrop, Certificates and main winners will  be promoted on social media, post event.

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