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Our Mission

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In USA, they have Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Soflo Cake & Candy Expo, The America’s Cake Fair, The Ultimate Sugar Show Atlanta and so much more. In Europe, they have Cake International Show, Cake & Bake Show, Cake & Bake Germany, Sugar Paris, Die Kuchenmesse Cake Fair Austria…. In Australia, they have Cake, Bake & Sweets Show, International Cake Show Australia, Cake Expo Brisbane…

There are surely far more Cake Shows around the world that are not mentioned above but one thing is for sure, the CAKE WORLD is now far bigger than what it used to be. Each and every Show above is our inspiration in putting up Cake Fiesta Manila. It is definitely time to have a Show that we can call our OWN…our very own in the Philippines!

By organizing this Show, we aim to elevate the skills and the quality of Cake Decorating in Asia through bringing not just the top Suppliers but also the best teachers from all over the world and to challenge all the aspiring bakers and cakers through cake competitions. It is time to spotlight those people behind the cake community with astounding skills and talent who use cake as their canvas and sugar as their decorating medium.

Our Vision

Make Philippines as the main Cake Decorating hub in Asia!

“Cake Art” is just a tiny aspect of the Culinary World. It has immensely evolved from traditional tiers to incredible works of art! Some have undergone intensive training…some are self-taught. Some made it into a hobby, some made it into a business, while some, it is their therapy. For whatever reason it is, Cake Fiesta Manila will bring us all together to celebrate all things cake and be an instrument to elevate the quality of Cake Decorating in the whole of Asia!

Who is this show for?

Anyone who loves cake!

This Show is not just for bakers or cake decorators. Anyone who loves making cakes, who are interested in learning about making and decorating cakes or just simply likes to eat cakes, then  come celebrate with us! Cake Fiesta Manila is a beautiful celebration of all cakes and bakes as well as the talents behind this sweet community.

As for the Exhibitors, we are inviting all Suppliers from Baking, Cake Decorating, Food Packaging, Food/Confectionary Manufacturers, Food Processors, Birthday and Wedding Suppliers, Chefs, Culinary Schools, Chocolatiers, Patissiers and other companies that may contribute to the Cake and Baking Industry.

This will be the FIRST in the Philippines and the BIGGEST International Cake Show in Asia and we are expecting an extravagant number of both local and international visitors and exhibitors alike. See you in November 2019!



What our Teachers are Saying

Excited to share my love of teaching Simi Isomalt at the first ever Cake Fiesta Manila! I am honored to be teaching along side of so many talented instructors and be a part of this inaugural ultimate cake show in the Philippines!

Sidney Galpern (USA)

“I’m so very excited to be at Cake Fiesta – not only have I always wanted to visit Manila , but I’m excited to see all the exciting things that Cake Fiesta Manila has lined up for this amazing show.

Dawn Butler (UK)

“Full of life and multi-skilled, these were aspects in common to the Filipinos I interacted with for 15 years, these were my friends!

Going to Philippines for the First Cake Show “Fiesta”  it’s an honour and privilege to now share with them, my Techniques on Royal Icing!”

Marta Torres (PORTUGAL)

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