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Cake Wars 2024

General Guidelines

Confirmation of Registration entitles the Competitor a 4-day FULL Entry at the Show.

Application is NOW OPEN.

Closing of application is on September 31, 2024


Group Live Competition Per Category Registration:  P4000

Can you handle it?

Will you be able to rise from the sugar dust and prove you are the best?

The Live Competition will challenge your cake decorating skills as well as organization skills while under time pressure! The category theme will be given few hours before the competition starts. All the cakes assigned to be decorated per category will already be pre-covered. Each Team will have the same set of materials and tools to create their masterpieces. Every Team will start at the same time and when the time is over, whether one is finished or not, they will have to step back from their working table. It is going to be so exciting and so much fun!

We are going to test you to your limits and we are not going to make it easy!

Join the LIVE COMPETITION now and we’ll see who will get that trophy! Best of luck!


10:30-12:00pm- Gravity Defying (Team) Category

1:00-2:30- Sculpted Cake (Team) Category

3:30-5:00- Hyper-realistic Cake (Team) Category

10:30-12:00pm- FB Group Category

1:00-2:30- Buttercream Team Category

3:30-5:00- National Team Category

10:30-12:00pm- Sugar Figures Team Category


10:30-12:00pm- Battle of Top 4 Winners from all categories for the title of OVERALL CAKE WARS CHAMPION


To be announced

Judging Criterias

  • GENERAL APPEARANCE – Includes overall first impression 10% 10%
  • PROPORTION, BALANCE AND USE OF COLOR – Includes artistry and visual interest, including application, color balance, continuity of color 20% 20%
  • NUMBER OF TECHNIQUES USED – number of and use of techniques incorporated into the item 10% 10%
  • CREATIVITY/ ORIGINAL/ CLEVER ADAPTATION OF AN IDEA – includes display and design composition. 20% 20%
  • DIFFICULTY of TECHNIQUES – assesses the varying complexity and uniqueness of techniques incorporated into the item 15% 15%
  • NEATNESS – Includes background application 10% 10%
  • PRECISION – Use of tools (includes tips, cutters, etc.) 15% 15%



sucere foods corporation


You Themes will be given to the respective competitors 1 month before the competition date so they can plan and prepare. The actual theme to be used in a specific category will be announced on the day of the competition.

Our Sponsor, Sucere Foods Corporation, will provide each team 5kgs of white ready to use marshmallow fondant and competitors cannot use any other brands other than what is provided. Competitors can bring a small amount of deep pre-colored fondant of their color choices or prepare 30mins before the battle in the arena.

Competitors should bring all the tools and equipment they need to decorate their cake. The tables will be provided per team, an electrical socket and one microwave oven to share.

All competitors for Buttercream Category should bring their own buttercream. Any form of frosting is allowed. American, Swiss Meringue, Italian Merian, Korean, beanpaste, whipped cream, etc. Make sure you bring enough buttercream to cover and decorate 2-tier cakes assigned in all categories. If you need to bring bowls, food colours, spatula, etc., make sure you bring them too. All decorations should be purely buttercream only. No other edible medium is allowed to accentuate your cakes.

For all Team of 3 Categories, size of the DUMMY CAKE will be: (bottom) 8in diameter by 8in tall. Top tier will be 6in diameter by 6in tall DUMMY/STYROFOAM CAKE. Standard size of the board to use in all categories is 12in x 12in either round or square. All of which, the Competitors should provide.

Make sure to be on time. Late competitors or incomplete team may not be allowed to compete and may  be disqualified. All Competitors should also wear chef’s uniform. They do not have to be matching.

All competitors should clean their workspace after the competition. Competitors are responsible for all the tools and equipments they will bring. Organizers will not be liable for any loss.

All Competitors will decorate a DUMMY CAKE (EXCEPT Sculpted Cake and Hyper-realistic Cake Categories) which they will have to bring already covered in ONLY PLAIN WHITE fondant. If using white as final cover, no need to cover again during competition. If final cover is different colour, competitors will need to cover the dummies again during competition.

For Buttercream Category, competitors must bring their dummies WITHOUT any cover as they will need to cover them with buttercream during competition.

For Sculpted Cake and Hyper-realistic Cake Categories, competitors must bring all the cakes, structures, rice crispies/dummies (for support), etc. required for their design.

Cake and all elements of design should fit in 12inx12in cake board. No height restriction.

Altering the size and shape of the dummy cakes is strictly not allowed. This is a non-tasted competition. ALL elements of the cake must fit inside the allowed space.

No chaperones/assistants allowed. An interpreter can be allowed at International Category but only the main competitors can work on the cakes.

Decorations must be strictly fondant only (except in Buttercream Category). Painting or air-brushing on fondant is allowed. You may bring royal icing but it will be for glueing purpose only. No sprinkles, dragees, gold leaf, wafer paper or any other edible medium are allowed. Use of moulds is allowed but highly discouraged as this does not show decorating skills.

In case a competitor encounters any accident while the competition is ongoing, he/she must step out of the cake arena but team members left can still continue until the time is done.

Teams can come to the Cake Arena 15mins minutes before their scheduled competition to prepare the fondant they will use for their entry.

Each Team from ANY category must bring EXTRA set of dummy cakes: bottom- 8in diameter by 8in high and top: 6in diameter and 6in high on a cake board/drum of any size in case your Team will be at the Top 4 Winners who will be competing for the grand finals to earn the title of Overall Cake Wars Champion on Nov 17, 2024.

Category/ies I want to apply for:

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Food Network Holloween wars grand winner 2018

Cynthia Kia White

” If you enjoy the fast paced thrill of live competition, here is your chance to take the stage in the exhilarating live cake challenges!! Battle against the clock and against other artists in front of an excited crowd! Show off your skills and have lots of fun while vying for amazing prizes! Don’t miss this opportunity to compete and be the crowned one of the Cake Fiesta Manila’s Cake Wars CHAMPION!

– Cynthia

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