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Solane Lip-Sync Battle
ONLINE competition

General Guidelines


Last day to submit edited video is on October 15, 2021


Competition Registration Fee:  P1000


Champion- P5000 cash, 12 GC’s of 11kgs Solane LPG, Soalne goodie bag per member, E-Certificate
1st runner up- P3000, 6 GC’s of 11kgs Solane LPG, Soalne goodie bag per member, E-Certificate
2nd runner up- P2000, 3 GC’s 11kgs Solane LPG, Solane goodie bag per member, E-Certificate


More than just baking and cake decorating talent!

Form a Group of a minimum of 5 members up to 12 and lip-sync your heart out through a music video! Video must be cake decorating or baking related acting, props, etc and must use SOLANE products/branding throughout the video. Be silly and just enjoy!

Judging Criterias

  • VISUAL INTERPRETATION AND CREATIVITY – superior attempt in creating a video that shows originality / outstanding and imaginative skill in showing mood, style and artistic interpretation 50% 50%
  • PERFORMANCE – demonstrated excellent relevance to the music and/or lyrics, or tells a story which follows the music 30% 30%
  • TECHNICAL CREATIVITY AND ORGANIZATION – lighting, editing, effects 10% 10%

What will your Group be called???

solane lip sync battle
solane lip sync battle

All video entries will be uploaded in our website and public voting through Facebook will commence on October 20, 2021 and will close on October 27, 2021, 12mn Ph time. Public voting score is the total number of reactions (likes,loves,laugh,etc) and shares.

Winners will be announced on the CFM Virtual Event on October 28, 2021.

Please upload your video to Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, WeTransfer, etc and send the link to us in an email to with subject bearing the Competition you are joining.

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